Pourable Pothole Buster is an environmentally friendly liquid filler used to fill potholes, cracks & joints in extreme thermal cycles successfully.  It is a two part blend of liquid polymers and aggregate. Pourable Pothole Buster sets up quickly, in as little as 20 minutes, allowing for traffic in 40 minutes or less fixing potholes in asphalt and concrete voids with ease and long lasting results. Patent pending*.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

A Wide Variety of Some Typical Applications

app__0001_Taxiway Repair

Taxiway Repair

app__0006_Crack Repair

Crack Repair

app__0003_Runway Repair 02

Runway Repair

app__0008_Deck Joint 01

Deck Joint

app__0005_Kerb Edging

Curb Edging

app__0010_Deck Joint 02

Deck Joint

app__0007_Rutted Road Repair

Rutted Road Repair

app__0009_Edge Repair

Edge Repair



Water Based and No VOC’s

Easy to Install

Easy to Install

2 Components and Mixes in 40 Seconds



Cures in 20 Minutes with a High Load Bearing Capacity

Self Priming

Self Priming

Self Priming on Asphalt and Self Levelling

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